I think you are will be confuse if choosing the best affiliate program to promote. So many and maybe hundred of different programs flooded in the market nowadays. The first step you should consider as a quality guide to follow, you must figure out every product from any affiliate programs with these key factors below:

1. Complete Information

Every affiliate product will change every time. You must get a whole information, up-date data, marketing guide from merchant or the other parts before launching that product. An easy way and written documentation are the important consideration.

2. Difficulty Level

If you are the the experienced Internet Marketer is OK to accept any hard requirements that offered by the merchant but if you’re the beginner is to be difficult to you to promote. For your notice that if you have chosen the affiliate product that is suited to your experience level.

3. Result Proven

You must trace that product proven to be sold by any Internet Marketer even for Newbie. For the first time for promotion, you will take time, cost and energy to promote any product but they must show you that the beginner can prove a sale before.

4. Product Guarantee

This is very important factor before deciding to set the right product because product guarantee will make the higher conversion. Why? Because someone who decide to buy a product will be sure that product is really good quality due to the money back guarantee.

5. Clearly Direction

This factor will influence your affiliate marketing guide. You will not take much energy because the steps of instructions are clear and easy to follow and finally, it will increase your sale.

6. Forum Review

In online world, you cannot believe anybody.  One of the guy that you trust is from forum discussion. They will tell a product that’s really good or not. Many complaints from buyers about a product, you must avoid it. You can skip this factor if you have used that product but most of Internet Marketer is only oriented for sales and rarely to buy the product before promoting it.

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