Promotion is the most important factor in affiliate marketing program because without promotion you have no make money online. Many Internet marketers fail or be frustrated due their product promotion doesn’t convert to sale. To anticipate these conditions, there are some tricks to make a higher conversion such as:

1. Learn the Targeted Market

Every market is unique and need a different touch. Market research is to be the first step for analyzing. Why? If you have found the hungry market or niche, just a little effort and mediocre product offering, you will easily convert into sale. Analyzing of prospects base on the age, demographic and seasonal needs is crucial to make your conversion in optimum result.

2. Product Selection

After market analysis, the next step is how to choose the right product. Many considerations before choosing product to promote like sales ranking, hot product within 60 days, the highest commission for affiliate, conversion track record, professionally sales page, number of customer’s review, etc. Experience, trial and error and time will guide you to get the best product. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake in choosing from.

3. Money Research Keyword

A great tools to be used to get money research keyword is using Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends that provided by Google for Internet Marketers in the world. You must find the long tail keyword that Prospect type on search engine to find their solution or to solve their problem such as “tinnitus treatment naturally”.

4. Using “Pre-sell”

Base on my personal experience, using pre-sale will enhance the conversion rate. Many people do not believe anybody in internet world. If there is a somebody else shares their experience after using that product, they will consider to follow. I put 2 banners in different page, one page with pre-sell and another one without pre-sell. At the end of month, the banner with pre-sell system got 10 times clicks higher than no pre-sell. How to image the powerful of pre-sell.

5. To be Tested and Make Email Marketing

Don’t believe for anybody that told you the marketing strategy is really work well before you test and trackĀ  it by yourself. Many Internet Marketer do not wait the significant income for long time due to the process of “trial and error or tested first”. After that, you can set-up opt-in newsletter to get a list of customers. Most of customers do not buy the product in the first time but will wait and monitor you after 6-7 times received the info, newsletter, bonus, free tips and e-book from you. This is the task of email marketing.

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