Blogging is one of the new profession that attracted many people to get a decent money from home. More than 60% newcomers have failed to achieve their ambition to be a successful Blogger and only less than 10% can pass the difficulty time and success to grab a decent money from blog.

There are some requirements that must be fit to be a successful blogger such as:

1. Love Blogging World

If you love something I’m sure that you will do anything and spend any money to fulfill what you love. Commitment and spirit will be uphold like you follow anything to your hobby’s needs. If someday you find a problem related to technical skills and you will solve it in pleasure way.

2. Keep Update and Love What You Write

I think this is the most important factors in blogging. Most of new bloggers give up in the middle of way. Your spirit and motivation will loss if you do not update article regularly. Your new reader or traffic would flood your blog if there is something new and interesting or can solve their solution.

3. Responding Reader’s Comments

To respond any comments that influx in your blog can make the readers visit again and Search engine also love it because your blog is always fresh and active.

4. Blogger Can Monetize Blog and Get Some Money

Money is really a strong motivation. Without cash, every blogger will die slow but sure. Why? Yes.. Blogging needs money to cover several cost  like buying domain and hosting, internet access fee, supporting tools, auto responder bill, etc. If we treat blogging as a business, income must higher than cost flow. So, profit and wealthy life are your main goal.

Some Steps to Prepare a Potential Blog

1. Niche and Domain Choices

Niche and domain is very close relation. You can choose the profitable niche after researching several times. Domain choice is based on the niche which potential to be monetized. Please choose domain that trusted many years like namecheap. I used namecheap for several years that was no problem so far. Can I use Free Domain and Host like or It’s no problem as a initial step only. Nowadays, visitors are smarter than before. If they know that you monetize your blog with free blog, they will avoid it. Finally, you will only get little money.

2. Hosting Usage

Hosting is like our home in online business. I used Hostgator to manage all my blog database. They are very competent and I always use “Live Chat” facility to solve my problem. 24 hours/7 days of their support service. Their reputation on host world is unworried anymore.

3. Make a Blog and Start Write an Article

WordPress blog is still the best choice on successful blogger in the world. Easy to install and operate, simple navigation and SEO friendly is some reasons why I chose wordpress blog. After your blog is ready you can prepare content at least 20 articles before trying to attract visitors or traffic generation.

How to Generate Income Reflux

I have tried and implemented many income sources so far like :

– Contextual ads

– Clickbank affiliates programs

– Amazon commission

– etc.

All I mentioned above have not given me a decent income yet. Until I find sellhealth that offers the health products which welcome by market.

After I joined with sellhealth, I got a decent income regularly on monthly basis. Initially, I don’t believe about their products, but finally I got what I’m looking for so far.

Here are the advantages that I received compared with others as follows:

1. Their products are good quality, that’s why the conversion is high. I just need a little effort to promote it.

2. Support Team and Affiliate Tools are very complete and make me satisfied. Links, banner variations, video and related articles are provided in easy navigation.

3. Commission is really high although they are not digital products. Affiliate commission is around 30% up to 50% per sale. You can choose payment system on a bi-weekly or monthly basis like me. Payment method is also you can choose such as wire transfer, check, epassporte or ACH (US only)

4. Several income sources from some affiliate detection like from mailing,¬† fax or phone orders. That’s a bigger chance for affiliate earnings.

5. Sign-up Process up to review and approval is All FREE!!

Click here to see and visit what I said is real or not

If you are still beginner or new with sellhealth affiliate, don’t worry, their Affiliate Manage will guide and help you until you get sale.

You can promote many options of products that related to your niche or targeted visitors. There are including hair products, skin care, sexual health weight loss, men’s and women’s health.

Starting Now To Get A Great Opportunity!

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